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Expanding internationally and recruiting talent

This funding round will allow Wellvivid  to continue to grow in the countries where it is already established (France and the UK) and expand further into Europe, including Germany in particular. The company also intends to continue investing in Artificial Intelligence to develop new solutions and strengthen its sales and R&D teams in order to drive its

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Wellvivid , a publisher of innovative business prospecting solutions, offers an Artificial Intelligence-based SaaS platform to help sales forces and marketing teams identify relevant markets and increase their business responsiveness by focusing on prospects with higher potential. The start-up company now has nearly 350 clients, most of whom are blue-chip names in the banking, insurance, technology and business services sectors, and is posting an average growth of more than 50% per year. This success has earned a place in Deloitte’s rankings of the 500 most successful technology companies in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Based in Paris, London and Nantes, it is home to more than 60 talents. For more information, visit


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Growing fast, Wellvivid is now opening a new office in London, to propose its solutions both on French and British market. Set up in the very heart of the City, the new Wellvivid International Ltd’s mission will be to provide its British clients with the solution that has built the success of the startup in France. Frédéric PICHARD relies on the dynamism of the British market to develop quickly its activities across the Channel, and to set Wellvivid as one of the key Sales Intelligence providers in the United-Kingdom.

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